Board Connect

Board Agenda and Minutes Manager

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Board Meeting Management

Board Connect offers organizations the opportunity to manage Board meeting agendas, minutes, and supporting documentation with an affordable and easy to use program.

  • Publish the agenda on your website with appropriate attachments.
  • The meeting minutes are generated following the Board meeting.
  • Board agendas and approved minutes can be viewed, searched, and printed.
  • Board Connect does not require any in-house technology support nor server space.
  • All agendas and minutes are created and hosted via
  • On-site training for Editors and the Board Secretary.


Create meeting agendas. Track current and past meetings.


Add attachments and supporting documentation to agenda and minutes.

Share Notes

Create and publish Board meeting minutes with a simple click of a button.

Key Advantages

  • The agenda can be revised and updated multiple times until the date and time of the Board meeting.
  • There is no need to send paper copies of the new and/or revised agenda to Board members, individual staff, public, and/or your website.
  • All revised agendas are immediately viewable after the Editor publishes.
  • At the Board meeting, the Board Secretary can electronically record votes, take notes on each agenda item as necessary, and run the meeting in a productive manner.
  • Board Connect can effectively archive up to thirty-six agendas and corresponding Board minutes, along with attachments, on your website through Board Connect’s server.

Transform How You Manage Board Meetings

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